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Improv is getting dressed in the morning. Improv is knowing what to say to a friend in need. It’s a real estate developer negotiating a deal, an attorney providing a rebuttal, or an emergency room doctor treating a trauma patient. In simplest terms, improv is everyday life. 


“Fall, then figure out what to do on the way down.”

—Del Close, the pioneer of modern improvisational theatre

As an art form, improvisational theatre is unplanned and unscripted performance in which a team of players collaborate to spontaneously create dialogue, action, and story that unfolds in real time. However, the key principles of improv — listening, acceptance, risk-taking, problem-solving, decisiveness, creativity, and cooperation — apply to nearly every situation. After all, no matter how well we plan our lives, we can never anticipate how every interaction will unfold.

The skills acquired through the practice of improv make us better communicators and, therefore, better family members, friends, employees, and bosses. Improv isn’t just for artsy types. It’s for lawyers, engineers, doctors, clergy, construction workers, police officers, soldiers, yogis, daycare workers, parents, students, you name it. 

Improv is for everyone.

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